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Listen, Europe!

Pere Miret (December, 2017)

“The point is: can the EU tolerate a member state like Spain improperly violating the fundamen- tal rights of European citizens, citizens of a nation like Catalonia, which have for years peacefully claimed their national rights?” (Click here to download the article)

Why Catalans want to be independent

Francesc Reguant (November, 2017)

“… how can one foster hatred against a serene, welcoming and open people, who prefer non-violent dialogue and peace? The answer is simple: by lying, without scruples, dominating media insensitive to reality, to the point that they have managed to make it so the lie in Spain deserves no censure.” (Click here to download the article)

Rationale for Catalonia’s independence

Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner (October, 2017)

“…Spanish institutions have shown an overly undemocratic side, in opposition to the normal functioning of most states in Western Europe.” (Click here to download the article)

Progress or total decline

Pere Miret (September, 2017)

“The Spanish economic model leads the colonies like Catalonia into total decline, as development of the megacapital Madrid is the priority. Thus, Catalonia’s independence is the only way to develop the potential of the Catalan economy.” (Click here to download the article)

Lies and freedom

Pere Miret (July, 2017)

“They know their lies have no credibility and that the referendum result can be no other than a clear vote in favour of independence.” (Click here to download the article)

Independence from a statehood viewpoint

Oriol Martínez (June, 2017)

“…the Catalans who struggle for independence simply seek a better way to administer power and resources, given the inability of Spain’s government to manage the country’s inherent heterogeneity.” (Click here to download the article)

Fiscal deficit versus fiscal fraud

Pere Miret (May, 2017)

“Overall, the impact of the shadow economy is lower in developed countries.” (Click here to download the article)

Democratic regeneration

Pere Miret (April, 2017)

“The Spanish Constitutional Court, especially after the last reform, acts in manner unbecoming of European democracies.” (Click here to download the article)

Key factors in a key year

Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner (March, 2017)

“Madrid’s recent outstretched hand towards Catalonia has been shown to be a marketing ploy, without addresing Catalonia’s demands.” (Click here to download the article)

A better welfare state in the Republic

Pere Miret (Febreuary, 2017)

“The management of education and healthcare in Catalonia is the reserve of the Catalan government. But the vast majority of the resources to fund social services are transferred by Spain’s central government under an unfair financing system.” (Click here to download the article)

To reform the regional funding system

Pere Miret (January, 2017)

“The underfunding of the government of Catalonia has a long history.” (Click here to download the article)

Catalan agri-food: the challenges ahead

Francesc Reguant (December, 2016)

“Evidence of the competitiveness of the catalan food industry is the evolution of its foreign trade. Twenty years ago the average rate (exports with respect to imports)was 44%, today it is close to 100%, that is, a trade balance.” (Click here to download the article)

Certainties and uncertainties about independence

Pere Miret (November, 2016)

“Indeed the Spanish state strangles the Catalan economy”. (Click here to download the article) 

Who is cheating?

Pere Miret (October, 2016)

“…Mr. Borrell, former Spanish government minister, and his band of Spanish imperialists, continue to try to minimize the positive economic impact of the independence of Catalonia without respecting the truth. […] to calculate fiscal balances […] Mr. Borrell is cheating.” (Click here to download the article)

The Brexit seen from a Catalan point of view

Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner (September, 2016)

“The Brexit can be interpreted as many results rather than one, as it has shown the contrasting approach towards the European project from the different nations of the Kingdom, most notably Scotland and England.” (Click here to download the article)

Are the decisions of the ECB politically motivated?

Pere Miret (July, 2016)

“The current credit rating of the Catalan government bonds have no investment grade rating […] is based on the assumption of the status quo, i.e., the case, what would the Catalonia’s credit rating be if it were an independent country?” (Click here to download the article)

Our future in Catalonia

Jordi Vilanova & alii (June, 2016)

“By proposing to organise debates, mostly in English, inviting renowned academics, politicians or public figures, we address the expat community based in Catalonia to raise topics around the Catalan Process in the most objective way.” (Click here to download the article)

Catalonia’s real need for investment

David Ros (May, 2016)

“As a result of the low level of Spanish government’s investments [ìn Catalonia] […] it will have serious difficulties competing at an international level.” (Click here to download the article)

Who’s afraid of the fourth industrial revolution?

Pere Miret (April, 2016)

“In this article, I will briefly discuss how the Catalan economy could be affected by it [the fourth industrial revolution]”. (Click here to download the article)

Independence and globalisation

Pere Miret (March, 2016)

“At the present time, there is a distorsion between the global economy and political institutions in Spain regarding the Catalan economy.” (Click here to download the pdf)

Catalan Republic: a magnet for firms

Pere Miret (February, 2016)

“Available data on companies (basically limited) up to October 2015 show that 15,563 new companies were created in Catalonia in the 10 months of 2015, with an annual increase of 5.2%, while the whole Spanish state saw a contraction of 0.9%. In net terms, without the closures of companies, in the January-October period of 2015 in Catalonia, 13,738 new companies were founded, an annual increase of 7.0% versus a rise of 0.8% in the whole State.”(Click here to download the pdf)

Using liquidity to stifle the Catalans

David Ros, Xavier Codina (January, 2016)

“The Spanish government deliberately maintains its intention of financially stifling the Generalitat and puts at risk the provision of public services in Catalonia and the chance of its economy to overcome the economic crisis.” (Click to download pdf)

Economy of the Catalan state: prosperity

Pere Miret (December, 2015)

“The Catalan government could adjust economic policy to the needs of the Catalan economy, wich, if implemented appropriately, would significantly increase the generation of wealth and wellbeing of citizens.” (Click to download pdf)

Catalonia’s independence will strengthen the European Union, and Spain

Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner (November, 2015)

“Catalonia will have the assets to become the stable actor that Europe needs in the southern Mediterranean area.” (Click to download pdf)

European Banking Union: implications for an independent Catalonia

J. Elías, J. M. Mateu, P. Miret, D. Ros (October, 2015)

“The Banking Union represents a significant transfer of powers from Spain’s central bank, the Banco de España, to the European Central Bank. The influence of the Banco de España in the financial supervision and resolution of banks in Catalonia has therefore declined significantly. It also implies the creation of new financial stability structures in Europe, which will strengthen the European financial system, including that of an independent Catalonia.” (Click to download pdf)

Catalonia, a new euro area member state

J. Elías, J. M. Mateu, P. Miret, D. Ros (September, 2015)

“A key question in the debate on Catalonia’s sovereignty is how it fits into the Eurozone and continued use of the euro.” (Click to download pdf)

Catalonia’s appeal to foreign investors

Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner (July, 2015)

“Catalonia has placed itself, and in particular its metropolis, in a leading position in Southern Europe, able to compete with other European regions that boast a solid economy, such as Baden-Württemberg, Western Netherlands or Switzerland.” (Click to download pdf)

 Independence and Catalan business

Lluís Verbon (June, 2015)

“I remember a childhood joke that said the best way to get through the jungle is to carry a rock. That way, if a lion appears you can drop the rock and therefore run faster. This seems to be the situation with Catalan business…” (Click to download pdf) 

Room for improvement in business

Lluís Verbon (May, 2015)

“We have listed Catalonia’s business strengths in dealing  confidently with a new state. Now we’ll analyse the other side: the aspects that need to improve.” (Click to download pdf)

Catalan business and independence

Lluís Verbon (April 2015)

“Catalonia is a land of entrepreneurs; Catalans have always done business with everyone.” (Click to download pdf)

Social banking, an alternative choice

Joan Elías (March, 2015)

“Is social banking necessary? The scope and consequences of the crisis have often created a feeling of dissatisfaction and distrust towards a banking system that is perceived as dehumanised, non-transparent and abusive.” (Click to download pdf)

What’s with low yields

Anna Garófano (February, 2015)

“The low-yield global environment means now is the best time for Catalan independence.” (Click to download pdf)

Becoming a new EU member state

Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner (October, 2014)

“Although scepticism towards the European Union is on the rise, there is a wider consensus in support of it.” (Click to download pdf)

A new tax structure for a new country

Marcel Padrós (July, 2014)

“We want to make society aware of the importance of having our own tax administration based on a relationship between citizens and a government that is very different from the current one.” (Click to download pdf)

Leaving Spain to become part of Europe

 Àlex Furest (June, 2014)

“The aim of Catalan people to vote for their collective future cannot be stopped with rhetoric and old fashioned arguments.” (Click to download pdf)

Catalonia’s future according to Margallo

 Adrià Royes (May, 2014)

“Spain’s foreign minister, José Manuel García-Margallo, argues that an independent Catalonia would be small and without any international power, as only large countries can be powerful in the
international arena.” (Click to download pdf)

Secession can strengthen EU federation

Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner (April, 2014)

“The processes going on in Scotland and Catalonia may appear as opportunities for pursuing a deeper integration and a stronger EU.” (Click to download pdf) 

Will international firms flee Catalonia?

Roger Fatjó (March, 2014)

“To answer the question, we must first recognise how international
companies act and, more importantly, how they think.” (Click to download pdf)

Catalonia outside the European Union?

Albert Puntí (February, 2014)

“Those trying to spread fear (“Catalonia would be for ever left outside the EU due to Spain’s permanent veto”) forget that in a scenario of non-amicable divorce, both sides stand to lose.” (Click to download pdf)

Where is the will to negotiate?

Josep Pedrol (November, 2013)

“Democracy is expressed by voting and not being allowed to vote means no democracy.” (Click to download pdf)

Spain and Real Madrid: a country at the service of a football club

Àlex Furest (September, 2013)

“With Messi, Madrid can put Catalans in a tight spot: either we disown Messi or we support a criminal.” (Click to download pdf)

Treat or treat

Miquel Puig (July, 2013)

“The funding mechanism of the autonomous governments is reviewed every four years; each time Catalonia has led the claim to improve its position, and each time everybody including, marginally, Catalonia, has improved on the basis that the central government has put more money on the table to be shared.” (Click to download pdf)

Spain: an exciting project?

Mario García Glück (June, 2013)

“Would you work for a company that has reversed the incentives system, that lacks a viable business plan and applies disciplinary measures to the most productive departments to the point of mobbing?” (Click to download pdf)

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