The current fiscal arrengements in Spain result in an excessive  fiscal pressure over Catalonia
“…the accumulated fiscal deficit for Catalonia since 1986 is over 200 billion euros…” (A 3 minutes video report with the participation of catalan academic personalities and experts  in economy.) 
Catalonia and the European Union: EU capacity for pragmatic approaches
Renowned Catalan and European experts who participated in a conference organised by DIPLOCAT in Barcelona agree that the European Union would integrate an independent Catalonia.
Link the Storify as a slideshow


Read over 30 testimonials at Catalonia Votes website



“Catalonia is one of our preferred places to invest”

Ulrich Dietz (German multinational CEO)

Catalonia looks overseas and to markets in attempt to press Madrid on independence
Tobias Buck. (Financial Time reporter). Wednesday, 27 January 2016
“The new Catalan government will press ahead with its plan to form a breakaway state from Spain over the next 18 months, and is looking to foreign governments, the EU and financial markets to raise the political pressure on Madrid.”  Link the full article



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