Road to Independence

An estimation of the sovereign risk of a Catalan State

A Catalan State would enjoy a credit rating well above the current one“. This conclusion, among others, is drawn from the study “An estimation of the sovereign risk of a Catalan State”  (Joan Elias, Joan Maria Mateu. January, 2015)

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Executive Summary



Questions and answers of independence

The Economy of Catalonia. Questions and answers on the economic impact of independence (October, 2014)

The book

Executive Summary


Authors’ point of view

Listen, Europe!

(Pere Miret. December 2017)

Why Catalans want to be independent

(Francesc Reguant. November 2017)

Rationale for Catalonia’s independence

(Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner. October 2017)

Progress or total decline

(Pere Miret. September 2017)

Lies and freedom 

(Pere Miret. July 2017)

Independence from a statehood viewpoint

(Oriol Martínez. June 2017)

Fiscal deficit versus fiscal fraud

(Pere Miret. May 2017)

Democratic regeneration

(Pere Miret. April 2017)

Key economic factors in a key year

(Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner. March 2017)

A better welfare state in the Republic

(Pere Miret. February 2017))

To reform the regional funding system

(Pere Miret. January 2017)

Catalan agri-food: the challenges ahead

(Francesc Reguant. December 2016)

Certainties and uncertainties about independence

(Pere Miret. November, 2016)

Who is cheating? 

(Pere Miret. October, 2016)

The Brexit seen from a Catalan point of view

(Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner. September, 2016)

Are the decisions of the European Central Bank politically motivated?

(Pere Miret. July, 2016)

Our future in Catalonia

(Jordi Vilanova & alii. June, 2016.)

Catalonia’s real need for investment

(David Ros. May,2016.)

Who’s afraid of the fourth industrial revolution?

(Pere Miret. April, 2016.)

Independence and globalisation

(Pere Miret. March, 2016.)

Catalan Republic: a magnet for firms 

(Pere Miret. February, 2016.)

Using liquidity to stifle the Catalans

(David Ros, Xavier Codina. January, 2016.)

Economy of the Catalan state: prosperity

(Pere Miret. December, 2015.)

Catalonia’s independence will strengthen the European Union, and Spain

(Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner. November, 2015.)

European Banking Union: implications for an independent Catalonia

(J. Elías, J. M. Mateu, P. Miret, D. Ros. October, 2015.)

Catalonia, a new euro area member state

(J. Elías, J. M. Mateu, P. Miret, D. Ros. September, 2015.)

Catalonia’s appeal to foreign investors

(Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner. July, 2015.)

Independence and Catalan business

(Lluís Verbon. June, 2015.) 

Room for improvement in business

(Lluís Verbon. May, 2015.)

Catalan business and independence 

(Lluís Verbon. April, 2015.)

Social banking, an alternative choice 

(Joan Elías. March, 2015.) 

What’s with low yields 

(Anna Garófano. February, 2015.)

Becoming a new EU member state

(Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner. October, 2014.)

A new tax structure for a new country

(Marcel Padrós. July, 2014.) 

Leaving Spain to become part of Europe

(Àlex Furest. June, 2014.)

Catalonia’s future according to Margallo

(Adrià Royes. May, 2014.)

Secession can strengthen EU federation

(Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moner. April, 2014.)

Will international firms flee Catalonia?

(Roger Fatjó. March, 2014.)

Catalonia outside the European Union?

(Albert Puntí. February, 2014.)

Where is the will to negotiate?

(Josep Pedrol. November, 2013.)

Spain and Real Madrid: a country at the service of a football club

(Àlex Furest. September, 2013.)

Treat or treat

(Miquel Puig. July, 2013.)

Spain: an exciting project?

(Mario García Glück. June, 2013.)


Key data on Catalan economy

Catalonia votes. (A website from Diplocat Foundation)

 Catalonia Votes 


Road to independence

Catalonia on the road to independence?

Kai-Olaf Lang (August 2013)

SWP Aktuell num. 50. Berlin. Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (German Institute for International and Security Affairs). 8 pages.

“If the tension rises in Catalonia, the countries that now say this is a Spanish internal affair will intervene and will insist that Madrid and Barcelona find a compromise and intensify the dialogue. This situation is still far off.”—Kai Olaf-Lang, German Foreign Affairs government advisor

If Catalonia becomes independent, it’s recommended that the Cyprus model be applied in the reverse (thus enabling the rights and duties of the Catalans as European citizens still in force although the new state was not officially a full member of the EU) to avoid problems with the 500 German companies currently located in Catalonia.

English version:

Original German version:
Catalan version:


Debate on possible independence of Catalonia. Key issues.

Rob Page (2014)

Standard note SN06933, House of Commons, British Parliament, 11 July 2014. 7 pages


Take a look at Catalonia

British Embassy in Madrid and UK Trade & Investment Spain (2013).

Last year Catalonia attracted €146 million from the EU’s 7FP and €529 million since 2007. Published 27 May 2013.

About business opportunities in Catalonia

 The Success of Small Countries

 Credit Suisse. Research Institute AG. Zurich. July 2014.

An independent Catalonia would have a higher development index than it has in Spain today and also higher than a Spanish state without Catalonia.



Catalonia looks overseas and to markets in
attempt to press Madrid on Independence
Tobias Buck. (Financial Time reporter). Wednesday, 27 January 2016
“The new Catalan government will press ahead with its plan to form a breakaway state from Spain over the next 18 months, and is looking to foreign governments, the EU and financial markets to raise the political pressure on Madrid.”  Link the full article
The current fiscal arrengements in Spain result in an excessive  fiscal pressure over Catalonia
“…the accumulated fiscal deficit for Catalonia since 1986 is over 200 billion euros…” (A 3 minutes video report with the participation of catalan academic personalities and experts  in economy.) 
Catalonia and the European Union: EU capacity for pragmatic approaches
Renowned Catalan and European experts who participated in a conference organised by DIPLOCAT in Barcelona agree that the European Union would integrate an independent Catalonia.
Link the Storify as a slideshow


Read over 30 testimonials at Catalonia Votes website


“Catalonia is one of our preferred places to invest”

Ulrich Dietz (German multinational CEO) 

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